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Originally Posted by Cecil6243 View Post
as in via audio vs. just your ears:

How long does it take to used to it and comfortable?
Hi Cecil
When I operated a studio, this was a frequent/constant problem with novice clients who'd never heard their own voices amplified in high quality.

I'd just have them put headphones on and sing/talk for 15-20 minutes as we rehearsed and interacted, and about 10 minutes in, I'd have them uncover one ear because they sang better in tune while monitoring both the mic and the room. They adjusted very quickly.

So my answer to "How long to adjust…" would be not long.

The process was how I learned to get used to monitoring my own recordings. The first week I was recording in studio (my own material) I just hit "Record" and began to sing/play, and when mistakes were made I let the recording 'roll' and just kept going for about an hour. Got some great takes.

This would not have been handy with tape, but with digital and a DAW, it was easy to edit later.

Some musicians who came to the studio could not sing unless they were playing, so they didn't need headphones, and in fact often performed better without them.

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