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Originally Posted by Brent Hahn View Post
Have you noticed that you take a better selfie if you can see your own face in the camera as you snap the shot? Same thing with your voice -- you'll learn to adapt. That, and it'll start to sound more normal. When that happens, you can get over yourself and start concentrating on the musical aspects.
I agree with Brent's thoughts here.^^

The first time I heard my singing voice on a tape recorder I was 16 years old, as soon as I figured I was good enough with my guitar to step in front of a microphone. And like just about everyone, I had to get used to the recorded sound of my voice.

But since that time I have been recording myself pretty regularly so that when I hear my voice on a recording I don't even think about it.

However, as Brent has commented, being able to hear ourselves allows us to make adjustments on how we sing. To adjust vibrato, tonality, phrasing, pitch, all kinds of things that hopefully allow us to sound a little better. The formants built into our voices are there and there's not much we can do about what we've been given. But we all can make the best of it with practice and continual adjustments.

My oldest son is a voice teacher and I have always thought he had an especially good voice, great control, terrific vocal range. But in recent years I have worked with him on some projects and stood by why he recorded himself on my computer using Cubase, a program he also uses. I would never have made any comments about his recording one way or the other, because he knows what he is doing. But what I found comforting is that he does vocal recordings pretty much like I do: over and over. He knows what he wants and he won't accept less. And when he's got it down, it's a great recording. But it doesn't just happen. He works at it.

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