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She's new to me and what a powerhouse!

I like the 1 7.8" nut width and I've had several CF guitars without a truss rod and they did not have the buzz everyone seems to note with the Journey(a flamenco player might really like the buzz). It seems to me the maker should have some response to the buzz. I know that in the past a representative of the company kept a close eye on this forum and was very good at responding to forum questions.

I'm not sure how I missed the Jones review--now when I go on the Journey site she arrives.... I also talked with Journey about the buzz and the response was pretty close to my guess--it all depends on the setup, the strings, and the player.

I'm still thinking about possible electronics. The guitar comes with a capable pickup, but it is possible to add active duel source capability. I like a single source pickup and I am not fond of mics in the box. Also, the active has the battery in a bag attached with Velcro in the sound hole--I'm not sure I'd like that. In short, I like having volume and eq control at the guitar but I like a single source and a built in battery box. Uncertainties....................

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