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Originally Posted by Silly Moustache View Post

I only have my desktop in my office upstairs or an old Mac that for various reasons I cannot get to upload any apps - so software DAW is not possible.

How old is that Mac? If you do "About this Mac" from the Apple menu what does it say for version of MacOS/OSX and so forth.

Remote tech support is tough and consumes considerable time for the helper, but it sounds like that Macintosh computer may be otherwise useless to you, so it may well be the best thing to do would be to reinstall a version of MacOS on it.

A fresh install of the operating system is often a tonic for old hardware that has been though a lot of software installs and updates. I just got done redoing an 8 year old Mac for my main live recording space. I'd say the way Apple asks you do this is not as easy as it should be, but it's mostly a matter of selecting the right choices and waiting for the process to work over whatever speed Internet connection you have.

Recording qua recording and over-dubing is not very demanding of a computer either in CPU power or memory and as long as the hard disk is fast enough to not error on the number of tracks being recorded one can work with quite old and modest computer hardware. Three or four tracks is not demanding.

Stuff where one wants/needs to use computer power to act as what would have been outboard hardware (amps, compressors, reverb units, "virtual instruments," etc) is why folks get more up to date computers for DAWs.

"Latency" is also more an issue with non-acoustic instrument recording where you need to hear the effected signal or software approximation of an amp or instrument not just the straight sound that your mic is capturing.

Alas I'm probably even less video recording knowledgeable than you are. I've only done exactly what you're asking to do with video twice. Once I "mimed" to the fully mixed track which was just added in the video editing software in place of live sound, which is "authentic" is a cheesy Sixties TV way. The other time I played the backing instruments over my PA and played and sang "live" with a stereo mic on the recorder picking up the live in the room sound of that. That didn't/doesn't sound ideal to me, but it should be no worse than many live gig videos you see on YouTube.

Someone here should know more about how to do this better. I would assume mixing the prerecorded tracks jacked in with the live singing/playing using an external mixer into the video recorder would be better.
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