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I’m so sorry I made all the McJammers miss your call. I’m bad!

Because the phone rang while Nancy and I did dishes together I ignored the call because the phone number simply came up as UNITED STATES. Thinking it was a typical robot call I said something like , “Oh great! The United States wants to come to the McJam.” At the end of the night Rodger said something about the McJam is still missing someone special and instantly my brain clicked in that the call was our Awesome Aussie brother! Missing that call was my fault even if I try to claim the USA sends out a ridicules amount of robot calls.

I’m glad you were able to let us know here you are doing a little better. Our gift was from the heart.

McJam 2020 is coming! Rodger will set up Skype in June and hopefully you’ll be able to let us see your smile again!

Until then, Craig-o we all send you our hugs!

🐟 ... make a joyful noise ...

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