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I think Eastman Archtops are a fine option and most of them have the 1 3/4" nut you are looking for and very comfortable necks. Their arch tops range from the ES-375 variant to the floating pickup, more acoustic ones. And you have a good range of sizes as well.
When I demo'd several of them a few years ago, I thought the AR372 (ES375 variant) laminated series had a specific flavor (less acoustic, very warm plugged in); and the all solid carved series had another flavor (louder acoustically, and more acoustic plugged in).
My least favorite was the 400, laminated back and sides and solid arch top series. I thought I could tell quite a difference between those and the 600 and up series.
I ended up with an AR603CED-15, but I liked the 372 very much, just differently.
I would certainly check out a used Eastman.
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