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Originally Posted by Dustinfurlow View Post
Thank you buddy
Itís way different than any of the bigger models, as expected. Have you owned any of Marcís OMs?

Dustin, Well I actually have never played a Benteau OM of any configuration. I have had many OMs in the past but now have settled for just one, a 2007 Collings OM (German/IRW) which had a 25.5" scale. I love the immediacy or velocity of sound from am OM which I don't find on the bigger body guitars I own. That's why I'll always have at least one at my disposal as long as I'm playing guitar. I can also attest to the nice things about a short scale OM. Back from 2003-2009 I played a short scale Collings OM (sitka/IRW) which I dearly loved. The short scale made playing much easier due to the lesser tension on the strings. I really like that for bluesy things where bending strings is useful for certain things. I do miss that guitar but still have a distinct memory of the sound and advantages of owning.
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