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Originally Posted by seamusknives View Post
I tried to have them use their 12 string neck or anything else that they could come up with to give me a wider nut and more spacing at the bridge but Rainsong wouldn't budge. It was then that I ordered an X20 with 1-7/8" nut and 2-5/16" at the bridge. Like you, it's almost entirely bare fingered, fingerstyle playing for me.
Hey Jim, we think alike. I contacted them some years ago with the same request and received a brief reply of "no". I was wondering if they had released any newer models with wider spacing since then.

Casualmusic, thanks for taking the time to do those measurements. I work sometimes with epoxy and fiberglass with vinyl ester resin so a bridge job is a possibility. Also appreciate the N2 description.
Mark D
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