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Brief update: I've now recorded couple of tunes for my album on the MDC, and will be doing a couple more next week. I don't imagine they'll be much fit for public consumption for another 6-12 months, by the time it's edited, mixed, mastered, etc. But I'll try to post a short snippet once I have some preliminary unmixed edits back so you can hear the raw sound of the MD and the OM too.

I've had precious little (basically, no!) time to practice between sessions, much to my producer's (and my own) frustration, due to work and baby. So I've been doing most of my bonding with my MDC behind the mic with the red light on. So, no pressure!

But this thing is a wonderful beast. Amazing depth of tone, incredible bass, hugely responsive and resonant (and loud - and I have a very light right hand) - just amazing. Whilst we've not have much time together, it's clear that this is a stunning guitar and we're bonding quickly. It's encouraging me to be a better player, and to experiment more with different attacks and nuances, even in front of the mics! A most promising start to the relationship!
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