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Originally Posted by Guitars+gems View Post
If Netflix is having financial problems, that would seem to be all the more reason to crack down on illegal password sharing.

To me, Netflix is one of the best bargains in TV content. For like, 20 bucks a month you have unlimited access to your choice of uninterrupted, commercial free movies and shows. Commercial free. No need to even hold your finger on the FF button. Plus, if you want to watch one show in the living room, your spouse can watch a different one in the den, the kids can watch something else in their rooms. Which is what I think Netflix intended by allowing streaming content on multiple devices. (How this changes family dynamics is a discussion for another thread).

So let them crack down on illegal sharing of passwords. I want them to become financially solvent, so that I can continue to enjoy their service.
Definitely agree on Netflix value. Not even a dollar a day to access more stuff than you could watch in a life time.
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