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Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Beautiful, Mark--they tie in perfectly!

Looking forward to what 2021 brings to your workshop.

Happy Holidays!
Thanks Nemoman, Me too! Iíve had the good fortune to acquire some wonderful wood sets. I have some new and more rare woods like the Sheoak and some unusual variations of standard woods like the Red,White, and Blue Sitka. Iím itching to get cutting!

Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
..that looks very promising for 2021
If the year continues like it starts here, I will be very happy.
Cool stuff, thanks Mark.
Thanks Lonzo, This ďTreeĒ small jumbo is really turning out to be something. Itís taking awhile to build but, when we inventory the features going into to this one itís no wonder.

Originally Posted by CarolD View Post
Oh, wow! Gorgeous work!
Thanks Carol!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Looks fantastic, I have always wondered in this kind of fret markers if having the end grain "exposed" will cause any issues?
Thanks! I donít expect any issues with most woods because the width of the markers is so small. Plus the side of the neck is finished which helps seal the end grain. Now with burl, whoís to say where the end grain is?

Originally Posted by BrianM99 View Post
I love the looks of the fingerboard and those inlays (I liked those inlays when I saw them on an earlier build). Nice work.
Thanks BrianM99! Iíve done a number of this type of fret marker. Previously Iíve bordered them with a strip of metal partly because I knew metal would handle the tight radius. This time I manned up and gave it a shot. Fortunately it worked.
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