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Hi all-

Thanks for the good wishes! Didn't mean to hijack John and Paul's thread (but Paul did kind of give me permission )

Surgery was Tuesday afternoon and went well. So now I'm back to sitting with my leg up and feeling good enough to scout AGF for great guitar pictures. And imagine playing them!!

And I do hope that, as John says, I end up having this time to consolidate my skills for a bit and have passive improvement! At least I have plates and screws in my ankle and not my wrists!!

I'm hoping to play again soon. I did sneak in a few minutes last week, but I couldn't play long. I'll know my recovery is going well when I can sit and play with my leg up and be OK. There was that one rocker who broke his leg a few years ago, but he might have been a drummer... Like Paul!! (trying to tie back into Paul's thread here)

And this is shaping up to be one gorgeous guitar!! I'm enjoying following this build of a huge guitar that doesn't feel huge to play and has all of the Pablo features!

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