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Originally Posted by bmh1 View Post
It looks so big!! . That's because I'm primarily playing smaller guitars these days. But I've played your Pablo special Kinnairds and they don't play like big guitars. Quite amazing!

And I'm hoping that John keeps the work and the pics coming! Sitting here with my broken leg elevated with ice and I can't play much right now because I'm not good at playing on my back (yes, I did try!). After spending much of these last months working on my playing, I'm stuck temporarily listening from the sidelines for a a bit and AGF build threads are keeping me going!

Be well everyone! Stay upright!!

Yikes Beth
That sound like a serious break. Surgery maybe

Hope you get in a more vertical position soon and keep on improving.

I understand that improvement can happen passively for awhile after intense practice. No telling how much better you will feel about your playing when you are up and running again

Thanks for the kind remarks re pablo's build

Kinnaird Guitars
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