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I visited Ireland last year and came very close to buying a harp guitar from Emerald while I was there. I am not a harp guitarist by any means though I am considering it. Alistair loaned me one while I was staying in Ireland, and I played it for about a week. I absolutely loved it, but I wanted something I could travel with, and in the end I felt the X20 Harp guitar is a bit bulky for travel.

I am still thinking about getting the harp uke they are offering. I liked it a lot. It's small enough to travel with too. Either one will take me a while to get better at playing.

The bottom line is if my son was serious about harp guitar and was going to get a harp guitar one way or the other, the Synergy X20 would be my first choice. There are decent wood entry level harp guitars out there for around $1000, but the Synergy X20 is the one I would take over any harp guitar I have played.

Good luck looking for a Synergy X20 harp guitar in your area. You might find one, but they are still rather rare in the US.

PS If you don't want to invest in yourself, why should anyone else even bother to try?
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