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Originally Posted by Tadmcd View Post
yes. but it seems my attack angle (or something) is preventing me from consistently palm muting ALL the strings. may be how i'm holding the guitar (i play sitting most of the time); i just can't seem to repeat the "right" way to do it, which should allow me to "practice" doing it.

i know my explanation is less than ideal...just a bit frustrated by the lack of any meaningful progress.

[end of whining]
I rest my palm right on the bridge itself, a tad behind the saddle, and then kind of roll it over the actual saddle onto the string until the a desired sound is achieved. Unneeded in a high gain situation, but with lower gain and/or acoustic guitar this really lets you fine tune the degree of muting your hand is doing.

As for hitting all the strings, I dont think I ever palm mute a full chord... on an acoustic if its got strong bass I would chug along on 3-4 bass strings, if its got stronger mids I might concentrate more on my middle strings, kind of rare to want to mute the high strings IMO. Only instance I can really think of is when playing U2/Edge type parts with tons of delay, at that point you've got lots of time to get it right though.
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