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Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
I Kinnairdly wait to seeing the finished product. This is by far the most beautiful guitar build I have ever seen.
Wow! Now that is some high praise. We're very happy you like what you see. Dennis has been a great customer to build for. He's had a clear vision of what he wanted the whole time. Not necessarily every detail, but when presented design options, he could state clearly how he wanted to move forward. He knew from the beginning that he wanted color in the instrument. As luthiers, we know how hard it is to balance an appropriate color palette for an instrument, but Dennis could see where he wanted to go. This has been a great partnership, and his vision deserves some praise.

Also, great use of Kinnairdly - a great southern word. Our second reunion t-shirts designed by our patron saint read, "Kinnairdly live without 'em!" While it's a little on the nose for a marketing campaign, we try to live up to the sentiment.

Thanks for following along.
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