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Smile CNCs...

Originally Posted by David Wren View Post
What a fantastic insight into the world of CNC machines ... thanks Tim and Mary!
Thanks David. As you know CNC is only a SMALL fraction of what we do as builders. Its still 95% or perhaps even more, of pure hand work. No machine will ever deprive us totally of that pleasure.

Very interesting posts on the CNC. I do not comprehend how this stuff works. To me it is all MAGIC. hahahahaha

And I am really looking forward to my smelly new John Kinnaird as it will be mostly Spanish Cedar! I expect it will need an anchor or may float away...
And it will have a number of YOUR design features! Thanks again for all your assistance and encouragement.

And thanks again for these incredibly informative posts!

Blessings and Joy

2 John Kinnaird Customs 😃
My JK Custom #5 coming...
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Still Too many more...
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