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For me, the best test to see if a guitar “growls” is to play a plain old C chord down in the first position with a G tacked on to it for additional bass (332010) and give it one good slow strum. It’s like a reversed power chord where the two notes blend but the frequencies mesh in such a way that the whole guitar just pulsates with power down in the bass register; it growls.

I always associate it with Martin, especially the HD models. My favorite has been the HD-35 for a long time seconded only slightly by the HD-28V. When I caught a D-16GT doing a subdued imitation of the effect I bought it and am glad I did. After about a year it found its true voice and growls freely.

Sometimes my Larrivee growls, but I have to drop tune it. Otherwise it “sings” (ring more clearly in the midrange) - especially with a capo.

Fresh strings help the effect.
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