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Question Ernie Ball Aluminium strings!

Originally Posted by Tnfiddler View Post
I know that I have been raving about Bourgeois guitars A lot lately, but Today I got out my GS mini Koa that I recently re-strung With Ernie Ball aluminum bronze mediums to practice a song for church. All I can say is wow! The aluminum bronze strings turn this little guitar into a monster! I had forgotten what fun little guitars the GS miniís can be! Unbelievably clean tone and so much volume for such a small bodied guitar. I have played a 1 11/16 nut for a long time with my 810 so that doesnít bother me at all and Iím really used to the shorter scale from my Bourgeois. I do believe the mini will be getting a lot more play time at my house! This is another total success for Ernie Ball aluminum bronze strings with guitars in my home.
Will give Ernie Ball Aluminium strings a try in the near future. Are they cheaper than Elixir PB Nanoweb?
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