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Firstly the numbers , like 346 and 351 were devised (I believe) by D'andrea when they first made celluloid picks waaay back in the '20s.

He made loads of different and odd shapes!
346 is the large triangle and 351 is the standard teardrop.

The 346 is ...for me -- the best shape : more tips, , more mass and meat to meet the string and to hold, but tis is all about personal preference.

Old any'd theory is that if you have two picks of the same material and same thickness, the 346 will have more mass than the 351.

Moer mass means more power transfer to the string, larger surface area means easier to grip (with less pressure) ... and, of course less wear per tip times three!

Speed ? I'm 71 - I don't do nothin' fast, but sleep!
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