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Nothing new hear, I got all of this off the innerweb. I use a 15' radius beam/bar/stick for backs and a 28' for tops. After 8 guitars in 5 years I find that it works so well I won't go to dishes and go-bar decks. Just as easy to sand with the beam, and only takes a little longer to glue braces against it. If you build a bunch of instruments or you love to make tooling, dishes and decks are probably a good idea.

I use the beam to 1) draw the curve on the braces, 2) shape/sand the curved side of the braces, 3) glue the braces down against, and 4) sand the rim before and after lining is installed. After 8 instruments I still have not changed the sandpaper.

Shaping the rim takes just 3-5 minutes on each the top and back before the linings is installed, and another 3-5 minutes on each after the lining is installed. Can't see that a dish will save any time here at all. Gluing braces one at a time takes a little longer without a go-bar deck, but only building a few guitars, the time is not an issue, and the storage space in the shape is an issue:

click left and right, text below

Good luck and Merry Christmas

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