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Originally Posted by jt1 View Post
Sorry to have missed this thread, somehow!

I met Karan and his guitars at the Holy Grail show in Berlin May. He's a lovely fellow who builds lovely guitars.

I'll be following this with great interest. Thanks for sharing the build process with us.
Thanks for following! It's been great getting to know Karan as an amazing luthier and also as a wonderful person.

Originally Posted by moga View Post
wow, you are doing it again!!!

can't wait!!
I can't wait either! The fun is about to start!

So we have narrowed down the choice of guitar to a brand new model that Karan is building. My guitar will be the first in this new shape and size and I am beyond excited to have this guitar built for me!

After spending some time visiting Jason Kostal at his shop, Karan was heavily inspired by both Jason's building techniques and philosophies. I often think how many luthiers are inspired from a week long course with Somogyi "on the subject of The Principles and Practice of Voicing the Guitar."After a week with Somogyi, many say their post Somogyi class guitars are much better than before. Karan was able to spend 4 weeks with Jason and is so excited to bring new ideas to his guitars.

Karan loves smaller guitars and I love sounds that I get from bigger guitars. He wants to build his version of a Modified Dread but a little smaller. Since he loves to build the smaller bodied guitars, this will be his take on a model that I already love.

He is doing some drawings by hand and its fun to see the progress come along:

Here are the specs for my Bigfoot Mod-D
Length - 19 3/8"
Upper bout - 11 1/16"
Waist - 10"
Lower bout - 15 1/16"
Depth at heel - 3.75"
Depth at tail - 4.25"
Scale - 25"
12th fret body join, 18 frets total
1 3/4" bone nut width
2 1/4" string spacing at bone saddle

I don't currently own any 12th fret guitars so I'm very excited to have one coming my way. And of course if you've read anything about 12th frets, it basically pushes the bridge more toward a sweet spot on the top soundboard.

We wanted to go with something very familiar to me so we decided to go with a very special set of Spruce that Karan has from his personal stash. I very special set that tapped very well had beautiful bearclaw and since I don't have any bearclaw topped guitars, I thought this would be perfect!

The plane was made from an old block of Purple heart

And then of course, the wood for the back. I am down to my final two choices of Indian Rosewood that are very special. One is figured and the other looks like old growth Brazilian!

And then this beautiful indigenous Indian wood popped up on his facebook....

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