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Originally Posted by Dr. Spivey View Post
He played both. It was probably 60% Super Eagle, 40% Silver Sky. The Silver Sky seems capable of a dirtier, slightly gritty tone and has more sustain.

I don't know anything about his gear beyond the guitars, but he doesn't seem to use any effects. If he does, they must be set and left alone. I think I heard a bit of overdrive come and go.

John can play super clean single notes so fast it's a bit mind boggling.
Ah interesting. Yes I think not only is Mayer a really accomplished guitarist, but as I said I think he is overall a really good fit for the tours entire "aura " as it were.

Actually he does have an FX pedalboard (according to the video's) but he is certainly not constantly tap dancing on it.

Here are some video's From the of one of the Alpine Vally shows

They have not been edited and there is quite a bit of just dead air time/crowd noise, some 30+ minutes on the first 54 minute vid. ???? But in any case there are some good close ups on stage.

Mayer appears to be using multiple (3 ) Fender Custom Reverb Deluxe ( ) and then something with a tan grill cloth (perhaps his PRS amp) and an additional smaller Fender of some kind

Weir is using a custom built Fat Jimmy Amps , two stage stereo system, with a stereo pre amp in one head, and a stereo power amp in the other head powering 4 = 4X8 speaker cabs.
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