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Very cool you were able to go
It is one of a very few shows I would go to .
I have watched a couple Dead and Co. full concerts on You Tube and I agree John Mayer is a great fit.

Back in the day I was a bit of a short lived fan but not a Dead Head by any means.
Personally the only album I ever owned was the first one self titled "The Grateful Dead" released in March 1967

I did see them in 69 (if I remember correctly) at the notorious "Springers Ballroom" in Gresham Oregon an old Grange Hall that got quite a few name acts in
Quicksilver Messenger Service opened and I kinda like them better (ended up buying 2 or three Quicksilver albums)

Dr. Spivey
Quick question did you happen to notice if Mayer used his new signature PRS Silver Sky for any of the songs ? He started with Dead and Co. and mainly plays the custom build PRS Super Eagle but I was curious if he has since started to use the Silver Sky ?
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