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Originally Posted by ac View Post
...It's probably best for those interested in Parlors to first try them in a local store to be sure they know first hand the sound that specific Parlor has--then buy it and take it home. You would have assurance and no guessing or regret...
Well, it's always best to be able to play any guitar before you buy it, but I doubt most folks will hear any tonal difference between two RS Parlors. In my experience, Rainsong makes the most consistent guitars on the planet, CF or otherwise. They go to great lengths, and expense to make sure of this consistency, so for most, trying to cherry pick a Rainsong Parlor will be an exercise in futility.

Originally Posted by ac View Post
On the old forum, Alistair mentioned how they change the top design to improve sound and I think that's ongoing with most of the CF builders...

...Guitars from the same design era should sound very, very close in sound quality--so you are right when mentioning that comparing two guitars from one builder that were made years apart can certainly count for a difference in the sound produced...
The above might hold true for Emerald, but the Rainsong Parlor has not been modified in any way since it's introduction. The RS Parlor was a best seller right out of the gate, and continues to be the top choice for people looking for a "travel friendly" go anywhere guitar, but aren't willing to accept the limitations of a 3/4 size, or smaller travel guitar. The last thing anyone at Rainsong wants to do is to make changes to this model.

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