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Having to struggle with getting really low action would be a deal breaker for me. Absolutely no problem with the Emerald X7. I have mine super low, but have plenty of saddle left.

Alistair will also install pretty much any pickup system you choose as an option, including whatever is used on Rainsongs or others, but there will be an added fee. I had K&K mini's installed on mine when I ordered it. I know many on the old forum that were able to install K&K or other sytems themselves, but it's always nicer to have it done for you from the start.

Jimmy, interesting to hear that the two Rainsong Parlors clearly sounded different to you.

It's probably best for those interested in Parlors to first try them in a local store to be sure they know first hand the sound that specific Parlor has--then buy it and take it home. You would have assurance and no guessing or regret.

I've had two X7s at the same time (sold one to offset the other), I couldn't tell them apart soundwise. Very close to identical.

The Emerald T8 is no longer made, I think, but I remember people writing how much they liked that model, it's sound, styling, etc. Glad you got your hands on one and wish I could try one some day to hear the difference of a T8 from an Emerald X7.
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