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To the thread starter, you should do a search on a thread regarding the x7 neck radius, I made some detail comparison if that helps.

Just to add on to what John F has said, I think the X7 sounds ok to me too, not great. When I acquired my second T8, a brand new x7 opus with all black carbon weave was available for sale. After comparing the centre sound hole T8 and the offset x7, I opted what I originally came for - tone. The tone from the T8 that I'm so familiar from the 1st T8 I have. I will never bond with the offset tone, I think. And now Emerald has gone direct sales, will I kick myself for not buying that last X7? No. I felt more luckier being able to get the demo T8 instead.

Btw, if I play professionally, my pair of T8s will be my weapon of choice. When I said the Parlor is more of a professional tool, I am actually referring to the quality onboard electronic that enable it to do so in a concert setting, and the centre soundhole for a small audience unplugged session. The x7 needs to be adequately equipped electronically to be on par with the Parlor in this aspect. The Parlor will thrump the X7, I think, on the acoustic aspect.

For an easy-reaching, couch side guitar? X7. Reason is simple - ergonomic shape, low action possible with enough break angle at the high E string saddle, exceptional craftsmanship. And good price of course. The Parlor will have some issue getting a low action, from my close observation on the saddle, and I reckon a saddle height shave will also result in the B and high E sliding the bridge, something I personally am unfond of.

Hope these help.😄
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