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Wow Mark. Leave you alone for a month and miss a ton!

Some awesome spec guitars you have planned. That quilted Maple is beyond outrageous. Going to be very hard to keep these as spec ... going to be a bunch of offers. You never know what Hatcher will come up with. Firewood for rosettes ... unbelievable. I hope you have documentation for your BRW if you are planning trips for it across the pond. I've heard they are being very strict about that.

I am glad you have decided to offer the strap bevel standard on your cut away guitars. I love mine and can say it is a very effective feature.

Love how Dano's Josie turned out. That Bastogne is off the charts and the Zebrawood purfling is special. The tree on the headstock is awesome as well! I'm sure Dano is pleased as punch.

Sorry to hear about the pink eye! Hope it didn't keep you from the work for too long!
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