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Originally Posted by dbradfie View Post
The guitar looks fantastic Mark! Another work of art from the Hatcher shop.

The whole thing just really came out well.

The tree is really cool. This will definitely be something that remains in the family tree for a long time.

I can hardly wait to make music with it.

We put together a nice guitar didn't we. I'm finding I like the 2 5/16ths saddle string spacing more and more as time goes on.

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
What a fine looking guitar and the perfect wood combination....fingerstyle dream.
Thanks Jon! It's hard to go wrong with cedar and walnut. The Bastogne adds a nice set of overtones

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
I concur with all of the above. It looks fantastic. The tree in the headstock came out just great. Love the look of all of it.
Thanks Tom, Glad you like it. We have you coming up in a month and I look forward to getting that one started. I'll be throwing ideas at you this month.

Originally Posted by RBS View Post
Hey Mark,
I've never had the pleasure of playing or even hearing one of your guitars in person. I will say that aesthetically, you build some very beautiful instruments.
Thank you RBS! I hope you get the chance to play one. I am making a commitment to start doing shows so maybe that will be a little easier.

Originally Posted by rcalcutta View Post
Wow!! Another magnificent creation Mark. Outstanding.
Thanks Rob! I know you like small jumbos!

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