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Default Josie Small Jumbo all strung up

I had a little delay working last week because I had pink eye and I can tell you that doesn't mix well with saw dust! So I worked the weekend to catch up and have this Josie small jumbo pretty well all set up. This is Western Red Cedar from a standing deadwood tree on Bastogne Walnut. As I expected Bastogne is the most "rosewood like" of the walnuts as it is very hard and strong on overtones. I'm very happy with the initial quality of sound I'm getting here.

Here are some finished pictures:

This is a BRW bridge with ebony pins:

White Limba has the interlocking grain pattern of mahogany and is very similar in weight, strength and workability. I consider it white mahogany:

The tree inlay is Spalted Tamarind and African Blackwood:

I'm very happy with how the color of the white Limba goes with the Bastogne Walnut:

And I think the antique gold Gotoh 510 minis with Black and White Ebony buttons ties the whole thing up just right!

Thanks for viewing!
Mark Hatcher

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