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Originally Posted by ewh2 View Post
Great to hear you are planning to make a flamenco guitar! The drawings for your model in mind seem very interesting indeed. Would I be right be presume the upper bout is smaller than the more standard 11" upper bout of a flamenco guitar?

I can understand why one would require a fair amount of time and consideration towards the flamenco guitar. There is a huge amount of history and tradition (a lot of conservatism) attached to it as well, and in many ways the flamenco guitar is the least evolved of the guitar types. It's a form of the guitar which provides little for the luthier to distinguish themselves from a visual aesthetic but 'under the hood' is where all the magic happens.

The flamenco guitar is a really beautiful form of the guitar and as enthusiast I find it's a shame comparatively few seem to appreciate it.

I consider myself to be reasonably well versed in the world of flamenco and if there are any areas I can provide some info towards I would be delighted to do so.

I eagerly await to see the progress of your flamenco build Mark...
Thank you very much for the offer ewh2. I will certainly take you up on that!
I have nothing written in stone on the body profile yet. I agree I may be taking too much liberty on the upper bout design and should probably stay more conservative. You see, this is part of my problem, I need to develop my eye for this. I am confident that I can sculpt the sound for a flamenco but it will take a while before I can properly emulate it's "art".
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