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3.25 lb. is indeed a very light guitar with both a mahogany neck with a truss rod. Yes, your pegs save perhaps 0.3 lb., but still that is very light!

As a point of reference, I just weighed my cherry/cedar classical guitar (with a Spanish Cedar neck with ebony reinforcement) and it weighs 3.68 lb. It has Rodgers tuners that add about 0.3 lbs. to its weight vs. your ebony pegs and thicker laminated sides (11/64" port orford cedar + cherry) and solid catalpa linings. These design features also likely add a bit of mass.

My lightest guitar is actually my steel string pernambuco L00 that Bruce built for me at 3.64 lb. Given the heavy density of pernambuco, a mahogany neck, truss rod and the weight of Robson tuners, gives me some indication of just how thin he works his box!

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