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Originally Posted by ewh2 View Post
I've said it before but I'd love to see you make a flamenco guitar one day. I think you'd make a great one!
​Thanks for your confidence in me! I am planning to do a flamenco guitar probably sometime next year. I already have the model in mind:

It is taking me some time because of research or let me say I'm trying to understand what is it that makes a great traditional flamenco guitar. What is it that I would have to offer to an instrument that already has so much history and tradition? Part of the problem is I don't come from flamenco guitars, I really need to "get it" before I jump in with both feet and say "Hatcher Guitars now offers a traditional style flamenco guitar" but, when I do I want to have done the hard work and have full confidence in what I'm offering.

Originally Posted by Badcrumble View Post
So do I! I've been wanting to see that headstock on a steel string for a few years, though the solid version is also very good looking
Thanks Badcrumble,

I've heard someone was making 15 to 1 turn ration banjo pegs maybe those will work? I'm looking

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