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Originally Posted by kwakatak View Post
Now that my #1 is built I'm hoping to pick back up on this build. I like the feel of the OLF medium jumbo body so much though that I'm considering on doing it again with this set of wood - but still go with the forward-shifted X bracing. I've been looking over the specs of the Martin J-40 and it seems to be generally similar in body size. I still haven't decided what to do for binding and now am reconsidering on using the short scale neck that I have because making the laminated/bolt on neck on my first was so much fun as well.
I'm not a builder but I have owned a J40 for about 25 years. A nice guitar but the body is too deep for comfort! I believe the M series was the same top shape but shallower? My J40 would have benefited from a Manzer wedge!
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