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Rule 1 of finishing: do trials on test pieces, not the actual article to be finished.

Take a piece of similar mahogany, apply CA glue as you did on the neck to replicate the situation. Apply stain to that piece to see how the stain takes with the darkened CA-glued area and how you like the appearance. (Stains don't generally take well to glue residue.) If the stain doesn't take well/evenly, another alternative is to apply a coloured top-coat.

The applications of top-coats often change the appearance of the stained article as well. Hence do a full finish test, including stain, filler and top-coat to evaluate the finished finish. Doing so also gives you good insight into the compatibility of the individual finish components.

The alternative is to roll the dice, apply your untested chosen stain, filler and top coat(s) and see if you like it or not. If not, live with it or toss it, 'cause once applied, the stain ain't comin' off.

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