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Originally Posted by Rex Tremende View Post
a 10' radius on the back glued up under tension.
There are several ways to interpret what you mean by "under tension" and the construction methods to use depend on that.

Is the gluing surface of the braces straight, but being glued to the back while forced into the desired radius? Are the braces and back then released after gluing, allowing them to do their own thing, or is the forced curvature maintained until after assembly is complete?

Also, by "10' radius" do you mean a truly spherical curvature? that is, 10' along the length of the back as well as across its width? Or can a non-spherical shape be used?

Methods to use depend upon what, exactly, you want to achieve. Keep in mind that spherical dishes are a quite recent development in guitar making. More than likely, the original didn't have a spherical curvature, top or back.
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