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Default sound ports

Originally Posted by mikealpine View Post

The look of the sound ports is fantastic and different. Are there any other advantages in crafting the ports this way?

Thanks for the compliments MBE & NEMOMAN on the sound holes ports.

Mike - I never liked the open hole look on the side of the guitar - it looked unfinished to me, so I decided to "tune" the box and engineer out the holes. A few years ago I was only putting one hole back by the bevel - the rear one. I figured I could somewhat "triangulate" the sound to the player if I added that second one up front...not stereo, nothing like that, but just more of a 'directional' sound. I feel like it opens up some of the higher frequencies to the players ear. It allows them to hear a different "perspective" of the guitar.

Hope that doesn't sound too mumbo jumbo - in short, to allow the player more chance to hear the higher frequencies when he/she is playing.

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more pics tomorrow.