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Default progress photos the neck

You've seen it all before :-). Here is how I do it. I plow the truss rod with this jig. Then I attach the fingerboard overhang tab, then I rout the CF rods in. That way everything is stiffened and "tied" together. My necks are adjustable unless otherwise requested.

The graphite rods really help fight the compression that the strings exert on the neck. If you use the allied lutherie truss rod, a good way to make the top 'flat' bar also fight against this compression, is to put a little wood tab above the adjusting nut - then glue the spline over the bar and out onto this 'tab' that goes over the nut. Don't leave it "open", or stop the wood spline where the rod ends. This "traps" the top bar and when the strings start to compress the neck, the rod will bear against that little piece of wood (conversely that the headstock overlay is laminated over also on the face side), and will act to further resist this compression. Makes for stiff necks. Make sense? I might have a pic if someone doesn't get what I'm saying.