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Originally Posted by lodi_55 View Post low volume equals weak tone?
I'm assuming that's what the original poster was referring to, don't you think?

At any rate, the tone is no better than the volume in my opinion. Play a good Ramirez with that driving bass and then pick up a Taylor. There's simply no comparison. I view the Taylors as something along the lines of a bosa-nova guitar. They're good enough for South American dance music and some jazz, but I wouldn't play classical music on one. And there are much better choices to play South American dance music on for much less money too. Of course, if you just like the feel of the neck and you're satisified with the plugged-in sound, then it may serve you well. I've got a Taylor steel string, but the nylons aren't for me. I hear they may be coming out with a proper classical guitar before long though, and I'll certainly give those a try.
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