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Originally Posted by Dru Edwards View Post
Hey Tennjed - I don't think there have been any structural changes to the nylon series. They rolled them up in the standard acoustic series numbering scheme. I don't think there have been any bracing changes or anything like that.

Are you interested in getting one?
I have been for several years now. The only models I have had an opportunity to play have been the 200 series model and one 700 series model. The 700 was, quite frankly, one of the most unimpressive sounding nylon string guitars I have played. As far as the 200 series guitars go, it is a struggle laying out a grand for one. They are pretty, and they do not sound bad, but...................

Now that Martin is coming out with that 000c, it makes the purchase of a 200 series Taylor that much harder.

BTW, thanks for the response.
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