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Originally Posted by lodi_55 View Post
I don't agree about the weak tone but of course it's all very subjective. I would say thst unplugged it's a tight sound (although my low E is a monster) that would not appeal to everyone. Plugged in, it outshines every guitar I've owned and as someone who plays live. 2-3 times a week, that's exactly what I was looking for
I guess I don't agree either...
I have had my NS32ce for a few days now and play it next to my Martin 000c16sgtne. While it lacks a little bottom end volume in comparison, it is still has a great acoustic voice. The neck is a little bit easier to play...just a little bit thinner up the neck.
The build quality is equal to the Martin, at the least.
The 12 fret Taylor feels a little smaller in my hands than my other guitar. I'm very happy with it. They are not overpriced.
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