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Originally Posted by MBE View Post
...I haven't had a chance to go test out the acoustics but I'm assuming it will need some help to tone down on reflections/reverberation/whatnot.
Hi MBE...
As a recordist, not necessarily. Many studios have hard floors and walls which are easier to tame than padded up ones which have to be artificially livened up later.

Our living/dining room was fully carpeted and recordings made there were very dull. After we had them converted to hardwood, with three small area rugs and just the couches remaining, the sound is massively better with all the reflective surfaces (including two large uncovered windows).

Inexpensive room treatments are Fran Guidry's specialties, and he's done tons of posts about them on his blog (can't remember the url somebody please help).

Also, just your recording technique and placement in the room can affect the outcome of recordings greatly too.

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