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I'll tell ya', I'm getting pretty danged frustrated at this point. I did some rework to the fretboard to give another go at fretting. I was pretty confident in my board being flat, and my slots deep and wide enough, so I bent some more fret wire and started installing with my newfound knowledge of proper hammering technique. The frets still weren't seating properly, so I pulled them out and took a good look at the fret slots. Apparently I'm not as good as I thought . My slots are cut on an angle, so as the frets entered the slot, they would contact on one edge but not the other. Sooooo now it's off to build my 3rd neck and fretboard. I may try to salvage this neck, but I tried steaming off the fretboard, and it didnt' work at all. I may try to run it through the jointer to remove the fb, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will end horribly.

On the bright side, I plan to build a couple of new tools/jigs before I start again including a better fretwire bender and a nice fret slotting jig.

I know you learn a lot by making mistakes, but danged if I ain't tired of learning so much on this build
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