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Well, I got a pm, and I may be having a cool detail arriving in the mail soon

Aside from that, here are some details on the guitar as it is right now:

The finish is Deft satin spray lacquer. It was really easy to work with. After 3 months of drought and 100+ temps, we had a cold, rainy front move in on the day that I wanted to spray the finish. I figured what the heck and sprayed any way. It went on just fine, and I was able to spray about 4 coats. I would wait 25-30 mins between coats with no sanding in between. I did a very light 320 grit sand after the final coat just to knock down a few rough areas. I don't know that I would have done this with another guitar, but considering the rugged look I was going for, I figured I'd have a lot of room for error.

You'll notice that I didn't do the ammo box bridge. I couldn't find anyone with a drill press large enough to drill my string through holes, so I tried to free hand them. Didn't work out so well, so I plugged with dowels and decided to go with a top-loading bridge. The ammo box wouldn't have been able to support the pull of the strings, so I just used a cheap bridge that I'd purchased earlier and painted it. You'll also notice that it's closer to one particular side of the pick guard, My neck was shifted slightly to one side, so the bridge had to move with it. I just need to rout that side of the pocket a little more, and everything will be fine.

I kind of anticipated a lot of issues like this. That's one reason why I wanted to build my first one as a "relic". If I had been trying to make this a factory-fresh, pretty guitar, I'd have given it up for lost a long time ago

I eventually plan to buy some compensated brass saddles, but this will work until I get it done and set up.

*EDIT* - You were posting as I was typing this up, Kyle. You're right on the plugs. You'll see in my reply above why I did it. Thanks for checking in.
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