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Originally Posted by riorider View Post
Rog - let me know if you need some. I'll bet I have some - and I have a brass cleaner so I can get them polished up for you (so you can turn around and relic them!!!).

I've been trying to find some .50 cal BMG cartridges for the volume/tone knobs, but I can't seem to track any down. Do you think the 45 acp or 308 would be too small? If you think they'd work, I'd love to give them a try.

Oh and as for progress...
Good news - I got the finish sprayed (I think it looks FANTASTIC) and the tuners installed. I used Deft satin spray lacquer, and it did a great job.

Bad news -I tried to do my fret level and crown, but it appears thay my technique is somewhat lacking. I butchered it horribly even though I had the correct tools. Apparently there's an element of art to it that I don't have. So the next step is to remove the frets and try again.

I'll try to get some pics up this week of the finish.
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