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Originally Posted by Pokiehat View Post
1. How far away is the mic from the point where you strike the guitar body?
2. Is the mic pointing directly at the point where you strike the guitar body or is it pointing directly at the sound hole?

Most of these types of problem can be fixed by reorienting the mic. If you can't fix it by reorienting the mic, then you are probably just hitting your guitar far too hard.

I note that you said you play McKee's Drifting. If you have an SBT you do not have to hit the guitar hard at all. You can get a pretty strong popping noise with light but fast contact. I only have to clout the guitar to get the pops when I'm not amplified.
1.) It's probably 12 inches away, I put both my mics 8 inches out one pointing around the body/neck joint and one near the back end of the body. I wish I had a video where I didn't hide the mics, I might make one of one of my new songs tomorrow.

2.) It's probably pointing near where the contact of my hand and the top is, no where near the sound hole however.

And no matter what I do, I'm tapping the guitar as lightly as possible. It takes a great deal of effort to hit it so softly. In the beginning of this I'm barely touching it, yet it's as loud as all of my playing and at 1:31 I had to spend a long time to tap it that lightly but still get the triplet. Those are close mics though. When I move them out I can beat the hell out of the guitar and it sounds about the same as my playing. Maybe my preamp gain is too high?

I wish you could like, be in my basement and see what I mean. Cause I totally believe what you're saying, it's just not working that way. I don't mean to be defensive at all, I'm just relating my experience.

And to Doug:
Yes, I'm subscribed to AG magazine so I've seen that! Very cool, I love McKee's (and yours as well) work. When I do mic that far back, I get a much smoother sound which is similar to his. My percussion is probably quieter since I try so hard to bring it down when the mics are close in. It's weird when I listen to that though. The percussion is so loud and after listening to myself so much I was thinking "bring the percussion down!!" Maybe I'm just being picky about my recordings.

Also though, if you look at that track on a meter, do the levels spike when he slaps the upper bout on the side? My levels go into the red, just before clipping when I hit the body, my pres are also really hot though.
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