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Originally Posted by Pokiehat View Post
It will pick up the sound of you slapping the body but because its a close mic it will sound very dry. You also need to really clout the guitar to get anywhere close to the kind of loud percussion you get from mixing in an SBT. And even then it lacks bass unless you shove the mic right into the soundhole (which presents different problems).

As for the mic/sbt phase thing. You can still run into phase problems by virtue of the fact that you are stacking two similar sounding tracks on top of each other that are delayed slightly. The greater the distance of the mic from the sound source, the greater the delay.

Polarity is not the same thing as phase so I hope that bit wasn't confusing when I wrote it above (theres a good explanation of the difference here). You measure phase in degrees for periodic signals but we aren't dealing with periodicity so we use fractions of a second to measure the offset.

It doesn't make any sense to me when you say hard pan 2 SDCs left and right and leave a pickup in the middle. In a stereo pair there is no such thing (although you can create the illusion that something sounds center).

Loudness or power isn't really my problem with the close mic, other than it being TOO MUCH. I have to tap as lightly as I possibly can when I close mic or it booms in the mic. I want to tone that DOWN as much as possible, not make it louder. As for lacking bass, it thumps my speaker I don't know if we're not dealing with the same kind of body slaps.

And yeah, that makes sense for the mic and SBT. I've never had a real problem with it though, not sure why.

As for panning, I know there's no "middle" (and no real "stereo" either) but on the fader knobs I have left, right and center so I say center. I guess I should say equal in both channels or something but it's easier to say middle, I figure people will understand what I mean.
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