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Originally Posted by Pokiehat View Post
A close mic (surprisingly) doesn't pick up guitar percussion all that well. Results very to an extent depending on the angle of mic and how close it is to the point where you strike the body, but a soundboard transducer is much more sensitive to guitar percussion. The mics I have at home (AT4033s, AT4040, SM57) can handle really high SPLs so overloading them isn't an issue. You can put them 2 inches out from a snare drum and its fine.

A mix of the SBT and mic works really well on guitar percussion. Angle the mic around and move it over the guitar to change the sound you get.

I recommend monitoring the live feed of both the SBT and mic, whilst you drum away. Have a buddy move the mic around whilst doing this and give him the thumbs up where you are feeling the sweet spot in headphones. Fix the mic in that position.

What you should also be doing is switching the polarity of the mic and monitoring the mono sum of the SBT and the mic feed. As your buddy moves the mic around, you will notice parts of the sound disappearing in headphones. You want to avoid placing the mic where the sound disappears alot because this is the area where the mono mix collapses as a result of strong destructive phasing. Switch it back and forth between mono and stereo to see if the mono image holds up. It is still desirable to maintain some level of mono compatibility for radios and live soundsystems etc.

What do you mean it doesn't pick it up very well? Inaccurate reproduction? Unfortunately I don't have an SBT but I do have the two parts of the Anthem system.

Also, I check for phase pretty religiously but when I'm recording but with a pickup and a single mic, won't I be staying in mono? To my ears, panning a mic to one side and a pick up to the other produces a profoundly unrealistic sound. What I was gonna do as soon as I got my new set up was use two SD condensers like, 2 feet out, maybe a little bit more, panned hard left and right and use my pup in the middle.
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