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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
So if I am correct that your are referring to physically slapping or tapping the soundboard with your hand? Then a close mic is always going to be problematic. However there might be a couple of techniques to try.

For instance you could record two mono tracks Record one close mic and one further out . Also you could try a dynamic mic for close something like an SM57 around the 12 th fret and another condenser type further out. Then roll off everything below 500 hz on the fret mic, and possibly compress that track, this might help control the big boom yet give some closer detail to the mids and highs. Then blend the two tracks to get the the best of both.
Yeah, think Andy McKee's "Drifting," I do a lot of that kind of percussion.

I actually used to use an SM57 along with my LD condenser before I got my pair of SD condensers. It worked pretty well EXCEPT that either through the pres or the mic a great deal of hiss came into the recording. It reallllly annoyed me to the point of buying new mics.
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