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I'm reviving this old thread as it's now around nine months since I completed this project - so far as it is complete - but I still haven't done the French polishing, and now I'm wondering whether to do so or just to leave it as it is.

Basically, since stringing it up I've just been playing around with it, enjoying it, lending it to a friend who wanted to have a play on it, and generally giving it time to settle in.

I'm now thinking of taking off the strings and hardware, giving it a clean up (NOT stripping off the finish that's there) and doing the French polishing. However... I kind of like it as it is, warts and all. It's never going to look perfect or like a brand new guitar. I'm concerned that if I polish it, I'll somehow lose the character that it has.

I'd like to ask for your opinions please. What do you think, should I French polish it, or just keep it as is?

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